EDC Las Vegas is easily one of the biggest EDM gatherings. With eight stages plus Art Cars, there is going to be music with every step. From bass to techno to hardstyle, we can't wait to hear all the sounds blend together. To make it even better, we know there is going be tons of new music revealed at this years EDC. With an audience that size, it's the perfect opportunity to see what the crowd is feeling and how they react to it.

Rezz is one artist who's already let us know that she will be revealing new music at the festival. Rezz went to Twitter to reveal that she will be debuting a couple of new songs at EDC Las Vegas. With the recent news that her new EP is finished, we're excited to hear what's in store for it.

With no release date, we'll take anything we can get. We're hoping these debuts mean that her EP will be coming soon after, but only time will tell.