What is going on dance music fans!? Hope you are having and incredible Friday. As you know we are always here to bring you the best up and coming artists' music. Today we are featuring a duo titled TRXD, who bring a completely original, taste-making, sound to the scene.

TRXD's newest track, titled Sleep, will really tickle your ear buds with really delicate production quality, modern and original synths, and an overall mix and master that really throw this record into overdrive. This track features everything you'd want to hear in a super-chill pop record, but can be set for intra-set play at just about any Summer 2019 festival this season.

The versatility of this track really stands out to us, especially in todays day and age when every artist nearly pidgeon-holes themselves into a genre. TRXD really pushes the boundaries on this one with their super high quality talent. Take a listen below and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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