Whats going on dance music fans?! Hope you had a killer Ultra Week a couple weeks back, and hope you are ready for an incredible track, coming exclusively from EDMsauce.com! Today we are featuring an artist that is no stranger to EDMsauce, Sebastian Park! We've seen him grow as an artist and technical producer, dropping banger after banger, and culminating in his newest record, Future Funk, featured on Dirty Dutch records. Future Funk takes on killer main stage festival vibes just in time for festival season, spiced with dutch style synths, modern percussion patterns, awesome breakdowns, and high energy from start to finish. We love hearing new records from Sebastian Park but this one really is his best work yet to date. The complete flow from a production standpoint correlating with the talented melodies position this Summer ready track to be a killer in 2019. Take a listen below and let us know what you think in the comments section!