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LUXLEY – Chromatics EP

Most artists write music through sound, however Luxley does not. He has a condition called
Chromasthesia which causes him to unconsciously associate sounds with colour. This condition of his has been the reason behind his latest release: Chromatics.

Each of the 6 tracks that appear on Luxley's EP have been arranged by color (all of which colors are featured on the EP’s artwork). Throughout these songs, Luxley endeavors to replicate the experience of Chromasthesia, allowing listeners a vicarious insight into the
condition and all of the emotions that come with it, which range from euphoric to bittersweet and everything in between.

Luxley kicks off the EP with a beautiful track, “No. 4.” which features warm synths and pads, punchy drums, stylistic vocal chops, guitar and a really catchy arpeggio in an ultimately delightful musical experience.

The second track, “Shine” is probably the most retro-style track of the EP. Laden with video-game style plucks, it the creates a vintage feel and atmosphere of nostalgia, as well as featuring some potent instrumental elements such as the faint sound of a marimba, sweeping synth chords and the use of distortion.

Following on from this is “Near Me.” This track contains a thick and punchy bass and some really well-paired vocals! The song is introduced to listeners through reverb-induced plucks that blend alongside pitched vocals and an overall psychedelic-funk flavor. The track continues to add in more textural elements before Luxley hits us with the punchy bass-filled drop.

Moving on, “Attiki” begins with a vocal excerpt of a conversation between two people. “What is it you're looking for” one man says, to which the boy replies with “Something. When I find it, I'll know.” This perfectly conveys not only the nature of Chromasthesia but also the creative process behind the EP. The rest of the instrumental track is built around a groovy piano, punchy drums and flowing arpeggiations and vocal edits.

Track number five is “Take A Chance.” This song is introduced to us by a really interesting
pluck/bass combo that then slowly incorporates more and more elements such as percussion, more synths and then vocals in an ultimate sonic fusion.

Finally we have “Dreamcatcher” the final track of the EP which features ethereal arpeggios,
dense synth chords, ethnic sounding drums and more vocal chops combined with Luxley’s
signature unique sound design that makes for introspective and experimental storytelling.


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