One of the most anticipated storylines in the world of EDM this year is Skrillex returning with new music. While the producer has not been taking a break by any means, he has been working to produce for other artists rather than release under his own name for the past year or so. As 2018 began to wrap up, it was clear that Skrillex had several different new projects in the work.

Artists all across dance music began hinting that Skrillex was working on original tunes once again, and then over the course of a few weeks, Skrillex was spotted in the studio with Boys Noize several times. This was the tipping point for the rumor mill around the return of Dog Blood. Sure enough, by the end of the year, the comeback of the supergroup was solidified when Buku announced their 2019 featuring none other than Skrillex's and Boys Noize's spectacular side project.

Dog Blood Brings Down The House

This past weekend Dog Blood took to the stage for the first time in quite some time. While the duo has popped up here and there over the last several years, this was one of the first sets where new music could be identified.

Lucky for us, one fan caught the first several minutes of the set – and they sound absolutely bonkers. Check out Dog Blood's return below, and get ready, as if we had to guess we will be seeing an EP from the duo in the next few months.

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