Multi-dimensional artist, Taryn Manning re-ignites her musical flame with the release of a new single, “The Light”. The single arrives alongside a remix EP, chock-full of dancefloor-primed cuts, courtesy of Lodato, Metrush, and Ant LaRock.

Currently known for her role as Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett in the critically acclaimed Netflix series Orange is the New Black, Taryn Manning has simultaneously spent years building and refining her musical career. Her 2017 single ”GLTCHFE” peaked at #1 on the Billboard Dance charts and introduced her to an audience that extended beyond her work as a talented actress. “The Light” marks her first release since and sees her explore with feelings of self-defeat and finding the strength to overcome your internal battles. Backed by a liquid downtempo electro-pop instrumental, “The Light” climaxes into a chorus ridden with Manning’s raw, emotion-packed vocals.

On the inspiration behind the track, Manning said, “I wrote the Light during a tough time in my life when I felt I had nowhere to turn. In life, periods of darkness will always be inevitable, but we are always given a choice – either stay in the light or surrender to the darkness. As the title suggests, I choose the light.”