Bassnectar is pulling out all kinds of surprises at his first ever Deja Voom in Mexico. One of the biggest surprises was the sneak peek of a new collaboration between Bassnectar and Peekaboo.

The two have collaborated before on the track “Disrupt The System” on Bassnectar's Reflective Part 2 EP. If you thought that collaboration was wild, just wait until you hear this one.

In the Reddit video below, it's obvious that the crowd was loving it. Bassnectar has really spoiled us by sampling TWO drops in the video below. The second drop will surely knock you out of your chair and we can only imagine how we would have reacted if we were there in person.

Redditors are saying this collaboration is expected to be on Reflective Part 4. Now, it's just a waiting game of when it will drop.

Listen to the Bassnectar/Peekaboo collab here:

New Peekaboo X Bassnectar from r/bassnectar