Guitar wielding producer, Dabin is well on his way to solidifying 2019 as his most accomplished year to date. After the release of lead single, ‘Alive' from his forthcoming sophomore LP, ‘Wild Youth', as well as an album tour, things have only just begun to heat up. The Toronto-based DJ and producer now returns with another effortlessly emotive single, ‘Rings & Roses'.

Dabin – ‘Rings & Roses'

Dabin's rapturous trademark guitar melodies are overlaid with alluring vocals by Dublin based singer/songwriter Conor Byrne as he belts out the emotive chorus. Inspired by the classic nursery rhyme ‘Ring Around The Rosie', ‘Rings & Roses' presents listeners with an authentic message focused on honest reflection. Snare drums and ambient guitar strums cohesively build the bassline before falling to a climatic drop filled with Dabin's wildly colorful electric guitar stylings.

Stream ‘Rings & Roses' below.