The infamous French producer and cigarette smoking DJ Gesaffelstein is a legend to most long term electronic fans. Following the path of other legendary producers from that country like Justice or Daft Punk, Gesaffelstein has really made a name for himself over the years. After a pretty long hiatus he is finally back with his new highly anticipated 10-track-LP Hyperion out on March 8th via Columbia Records. He dropped The Weeknd-featured single “Lost In The Fire” recently and it turned a ton of heads, but I'm ready for the full project thanks to the features via Pharrell, The Hacker & Bronwyn and Griffin Haim. Stay tuned!


1. Hyperion
2. Reset
3. Lost in the Fire feat. The Weeknd
4. Ever Now
5. Blast Off feat. Pharrell Williams
6. So Bad feat. Haim
7. Forever feat. The Hacker & Bronwyn Griffin
8. Vortex
9. Memora
10. Humanity Gone