As Mickey Kojak said himself, “If you haven't cried listening to Dido, you're a god damn liar.” As far as we're concerned, he's pretty (read: really) right. A wonderfully majestic vocal triumph, Mickey Kojak puts a refreshing spin on Dido's “White Flag.”

Dido – “White Flag” (Mickey Kojak cover)

A euphoric symphony of glistening synths guide listeners through Kojak's buttery croons. Whirring melodies and a timeless production make this cover a unique standout, and we're convinced it's about to be your new favorite thing.

There is an endless trove of music out there which I think we deny ourselves because it's deemed ‘cheesy' – song's like Dido's White Flag are sleepers and need to be brought into the limelight again. Not just as one of those tracks you listened to in the car with your parent's on long drives, but as an amazing piece of music in it's own right. I hope this cover serves as a way for ya'll to reconnect with an amazing song xoxo.” – Mickey Kojak

If you've cried to Dido, you're going to be sobbing to Mickey Kojak. Peep his cover below.