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Crystal Skies Release Never Change Plus Bonus Track Carbon.

Crystal Skies has released Never Change feat Gallie, a track with a B-side if you will, on the Seven Lions record label Ophelia. Much like how the Ophelia release of Oceans had The Sirens as an added bonus the song Never Change has the track Carbon as a hidden gem.

Britain Holcomb and Aaron Dawson are two of the most talented producers in electronic music hands down. Their talent was recognized by Seven Lions well before Crystal Skies were tapped to remix his hit Calling You Home. It makes perfect sense that these dynamic tracks are put out on the Ophelia label.

Never Change feat Gallie might be familiar to some who heard Seven Lions drop it on the Journey 2 Tour. The song starts off with an elemental feel. The wind howls in chilling fashion leaving Gallie’s warming voice to build the melody. Light drums enter and the song starts to grow toward the pressure building melodic dubstep drop. The expansive drop crashes as the vocals “Its ok to be a little bit crazy” cry out. Crazy would describe the sound design in this song from the first through the final mind-blowing drop. The song closes out on one of the best drops I have ever heard. Sharp bass cuts through angry growls over drums that smash you right in the face in a melodic dubstep masterpiece.

Carbon is a downright badass track that has more of a digital feel than I expected from Crystal Skies. The track blends the complexity of Xilent with the driving force of 1788-L. From start to finish Carbon is a thrilling ride. At the first drop, synths appear to try and rip through the speakers while power sludge bass looks to finish off the Job. The break comes with a serene feel much like that of a Notaker track. The last drop hits and notes seem to defragment right in front of you as you are plugged back into the matrix. This track is a fun one! Listen to both Never Change and Carbon below.

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