After just releasing the collaboration “Spire” alongside bass-arist Nanoo, Focus Fire is back with another collaboration that speaks volumes. This time linking up with quasi-mystery artist Similar Outskirts, an act who has been producing and releasing for the greater portion of this decade – the two take their recent creative “Dimensions,” in a colorful and melodic direction. The result is bewildering, the experience almost playing out like a chronicled mix due to its detailed writing and arrangement.

After receiving a slew of media outlet support via his last release a couple weeks back, Focus Fire are on a roll across the board, from press to performances and releases, the duo are productive to say the least, showing no shortage of content demanded from their growing fan-base.

Similar Outskirts has been in the game for years, his discography going back to the early 2010's where one can find his unique and consistent brand on center-stage. Chances are you heard one of many singles at some point across the years. Similar Outskirt's expertise and quality shines through on this collaboration “Dimensions.”