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Jason Ross and Dimibo Blend Progressive and Psytrance With The Anjuna Banger The Gorge

I know exactly where I was for certain historical events. I can tell you where I was when Mark McGuire hit his 70th home run. I know where I was when Princess Diana passed. To my knowledge, last Friday I was sitting at my desk at work when the latest historical event took place. It was an average afternoon, I was at my desk listening to Above and Beyond’s Group Therapy episode 313 and low and behold to my delight I heard Psytrance on ABGT. It was the new Jason Ross collaboration with the Psytrance gods of the Pacific Northwest Dimibo on the electrifying track The Gorge. Now before the Anjunafamily kicks down my door, I cannot say with 100% certainty that this is the first time Psytrance has ever been played on an ABGT that was not a live event but It was the only time I can remember hearing it there.

Jason Ross is no stranger to Psytrance after playing a b2b set with Seven Lions at The Gorge up in Seattle for ABGT250 that was jam packed with it. I have also personally seen Jason drop fire sets on a few of the after parties from the Journey II tour which showcased another b2b this time between Seven Lions and Dimibo.

The Gorge opens up with hard-hitting bass that has a retro vibe to it. The intro almost reminded me of the Yello song Oh Yeah, which is most recognized as the “Bow Bow… Ohh Yeahhhh” song from Ferris Beuller. The beat carries on as the melody enters where you are led to believe this will be another fantastic Jason Ross progressive trance track that we have all come to know and love. Not so fast. At the break, etheric synths begin the slow build to the drop. After being lulled into a sense of where this song is going one becomes pleasantly surprised by a triplet packed psytrance drop. The Dimibo boys bring their atmospheric capabilities to the table and the result is a bouncy energetic song that maintains a steady bass-driven force. The two styles of Jason Ross and Dimibo complement each other making The Gorge not only one of the most beautiful places to visit but one of the most beautiful songs as well. You can listen to The Gorge out on Anjuna Records by listening below.

The fanlink to The Gorge can also be reached by clicking HERE.
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