In support of his 01 EP, Ben Attic releases a symmetrically abstract music video for its lead single, “Walk.” Considering the lush and beautiful nature of the track itself, the video adequately compliments its arrangement. The video displays a love turmoil expressed almost exclusively through body language. The visual experience tied with the unique motion of the human body provides a quaint experience that pleases the eye and is sure to resonate with listeners and viewers alike.

Ben Attic (Christoph Ritz) started his music career eight years ago as the producer, writer, and pianist of the Alternative/Indie Electronica band Takeaway Sound. After recording their album Singularity in the Stagg Street Studios of LA, as well as a tour through middle Europe, Christoph Ritz decided to start working on a solo project under the name of Ben Attic. On his upcoming EP 01, Ben Attic features his own vocals, as well as local singers to underline his ambition to support local talent.