Ultra Music Festival just cannot get a break recently. After being booted out of Downtown Miami by an enraged city council, the festival decided on Virginia Key as its new home. The city approved the move, the residents weren't thrilled but accepted, and the festival which was supposed to take place there agreed to change venues to accommodate Ultra.

Well, that was how things stood a few days ago. The smaller electronic music festival, Rapture which agreed to move as long as Ultra helped it find a new venue, has seemingly run out of options. Yesterday, the attorney for Rapture music festival, Paul K. Silverberg sent a letter to Ultra stating:

“We are investigating this matter further and if [you] do not immediately withdraw your application that directly interferes with our client’s planned festival time and location, we will be taking immediate action against you, the City and Virginia Key Beach Park Trust”

It appears things did not end as amicable as Ultra had hoped. What remains to be seen is if this smaller festival could possibly go up against the behemoth that is Ultra Worldwide. Ultra can undoubtedly afford a legal team of experts. It does not help Rapture's case that it also announced on their Facebook page that a new venue was coming soon, which they were quite excited about.

As of now, no details exist explaining the smaller festival's backtracking. Stayed tuned for more details as their emerge, for now, Ultra Music Festival is still set to take place on Virginia Key at the end of March.

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