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Phish Fans Lose Their Minds On Twitter When Someone Questions Why They Have 3 Sets At Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo announced their 2019 lineup today, and by all accounts, it is a pretty comprehensive display of modern festival music. They have some solid electronic acts, rap and hip-hop, some decent rock and of course – jam bands.

It's that last genre that caused quite the stir today for on Twitter user who was not familiar with the band Phish. Now, for those not indoctrinated in the jam band scene, Phish is easily one of the most iconic touring groups of the last 20 years. They have sold out some of the largest and most iconic venues in the country, and have a fan base willing to follow them to the ends of the earth.

Of course, Phish is not necessarily well known in the mainstream, especially for those who only got into the festival scene in the last five years or so. When Twitter user @gh0stgrls decided to question why the band deserves 3 sets – she was in for a world of angry wookery.

Even though she asked to not be attacked – she was almost immediately attacked on all sides.

Now, of course, not all Phish fans were condescending and passive-aggressive. I would say the vast majority welcomed Lil Nug into their flock for her first experience with the jam band…the reckless exchanges even caught the attention of Bonnaroo itself who replied.

And that folks, is how Phish-Twitter lost its mind when someone was unaware that Phish was a thing. Let's all remember to take a chill pill and make sure everyone – indoctrinated or not – has a pleasant time out on the farm this year.


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