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SWARM Begins The New Year with An End

SWARM has kicked off the new year by dropping an absolutely terrifying masterpiece in the six-track EP titled This Is The End. The Midtempo Maestro delivers on this dark work of art. SWARM has been bringing his terrifying brand of EDM to stages for a while now and this EP is proof he is ready to bring his nightmare to the festival circuit.

This is the End begins with a track called Precursor. Right from the get-go the rain sets a somber tone to EP. Spoken word vocals, that may as well be Jigsaw from the horror movies Saw, begin a remorseful epilogue that hits me on such a personal level it's frightening. The combination of strings and piano sit on top of an alarm sound that brings the movie Inception to mind.

The next song, Kill Me, is anxiety-filled adventure that has the industrial grit that SWARM fans have come to love. The track begins with an epic build followed by a hammering bassline that hits the dead notes just the right way.

Alone is a heavy track that seems to drag you through the mud. The grit and sound design on this track are fantastic. The second drop is a half-step drop whos bass seems to melt through the midtempo track.

The fourth song on the TITE EP is Fear. As the title indicates it is another terrifying look into the mind of SWARM. The jackhammering bass mix with the violins in what I imagine as the soundtrack to a nightmare only to be told to “wake up” as the song prepares for its finale. The song builds in hair-raising fashion and explodes into a Hardstyle drop.

Pretend featuring Alessa is another haunting track. Alessa provides the melody which passes the torch to a bassline that marches along in SWARM like fashion. At the interlude, the forlorn melody from the intro returns. The track builds up as if to cover up the sadness in a veil of chaos. Machine gun style bass rattles off a few clips as the song seems to consume everything in its path. Regardless of how hard the song goes it inevitably gives way to the sadness as Alessa closes out the song with the somber melody.

The title track This Is The End closes out the EP. The hard-hitting track is juxtaposed by harmonics plucking an eerie melody all while that relentless bass bounces along. The middle of this song has an oasis of sadness provided by a piano as the rain from the beginning of the EP makes its return. The song closes out with a lead guitar wailing notes as it echoes off into the distance.

Stream and Download the TITE EP for free HERE

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