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unreleased Calvin Harris
unreleased Calvin Harris

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Calvin Harris Apparently Used To Survive Off 2 Bottles Jack Daniels A Day And Pastries

Calvin Harris is arguably the most well-known EDM producer in the world. The Scottish DJ has collaborated with every pop-star under the sun and released radio hit after radio hit the past few years. Many individuals who have just gotten into Calvin, might not know that he used to sing on all of his tracks and even perform live sets. When an older fan brought up how they missed Calvin's live vocals he had an interesting reply.

Turns out Mr. Harris used to live a life far on the edge when touring during his live set days. To cope with his live sets Calvin joked he survived off of almost Jack Daniels and pastries while on tour. I mean, I can't say I blame him, performing that level of production daily and traveling around Europe would exhaust anyone.

That being said, I saw a Calvin live set many, many years ago. While I had a good time – let's just say it is for the best that he is no longer performing his vocals live. DJ Calvin Harris is definitely superior to live set Calvin Harris.


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