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New York’s Webster Hall Teases 2019 Reopening After Buyout And Major Renovations

New York has had a few rough years for its many clubs and venues. It seems that even the most popular venues which hosted primarily dance music have struggled to stay alive. Just yesterday, the city said goodbye to the Brooklyn favorite, Output.

Webster Hall Closes

This trend of clubs shuttering has been unforgiving, but ask a local to NYC which venue closing had the greatest impact on the city, and they would no doubt answer – Webster Hall. The iconic venue hosted some of the biggest acts in the world for years. That being said, almost everyone will agree that Webster Hall was beginning to fall into a bit of disrepair. Anyone who has been on the main dance floor and felt it buckle a bit under the weight of thousands jumping up and down can admit that it was time for an upgrade.

Webster Hall was soon bought out by AEG Presents for $35 million, and then temporarily closed down. AEG is one of the largest event companies in the country, rivaled only by LiveNation. The brand owns and/or manages festivals/venues such as Coachella and Red Rocks.

Hints At The Future

Locals were curious what the buyout would change about the venue, and when it would be reopened, and if it would have the same name. Today we know the answer to a few of those questions. Webster Hall will be reopening in 2019, and continue to be known as the same name. What renovations were made? Well, that is the big secret that remains. Stay tuned for new information on specific dates as this year pushes on.

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