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Check Out These 3 Playlists Perfect For Your New Years Eve Party

Alrighty, folks! 2018 has come to an end as speak already in some countries, but here in the USA, many people are getting ready for their NYE festivities tonight. While many people go out with the masses on NYE, it seems more and more people are opting to stay home and have, or go to house parties.

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Well, with house parties comes the MAJOR task of supplying the party with the tunes. As you all know, if the music at a party sucks, so does the party. SOOOOOOOO, to help all you AUX controllers out tonight, I have linked you 3 of our best party playlists, so pick 1, 2, or all 3 of them, follow them up and kick back and enjoy the night. Happy New Years Everyone!!

EDM Pregame Playlist

Our EDM Pregame playlist is my go-to playlist if I'm a party. With nothing but upbeat, danceable tunes mixed with a lot of tracks people who aren't “into EDM” can still enjoy, the EDM pregame playlist is the perfect New Years Eve party starter.

EDM 2019

Well, we've updated the title to EDM 2019, but we haven't changed then clocks over quite yet. Check out our playlist of almost 300 of our favorite tunes from 2018. You will see some big names, you will see some small names, but you will hear all the stuff from 2018, so wrap up the year with a nice bow with this playlist.

Best EDM Songs Of All Time

Yes, we are going into the year 2018 but that doesn't mean that we have to listen to all new music, does it? EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE loves a good bit of nostalgia. I mean what's better than when you've had a few drinks in you and “Calling” by Ingrosso, Alesso & Ryan Teder comes on? Nothing. Enjoy this MASSIVE list of classics and some new tunes as well.

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BONUS! Who doesn't love the 90's 😉

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