Jauz went really hard on the shark branding. It makes perfect sense given his name, but Jauz obviously never expected it to backfire, as it did when a children's song from the 2000s exploded to the meme of the month. Of course, I am talking about ‘Baby Shark'.

About a month ago, after months of fans begging, Jauz sent out a tweet, challenging fans to get 10,000 retweets for him. If the tweet were to hit the 10,000 number he would remix ‘Baby Shark'. Naturally, the tweet hit the mark shockingly fast, and Jauz submitted to his end of the deal.

Since then we have not heard much from Jauz on the subject, until today. Slushii tweeted out a link to some remix of ‘Baby Shark' that was listed as a cut version of Jauz's edit. Fans immediately got suspicious as it all seemed to be a little weird that Slushii pulled the trigger and not Jauz.

So is this Jauz's remix? Slushii's? We may never actually know. Unfortunately, I have to admit this scaled down little edit kind of slaps.

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