It wasn't long ago that Snails announced his new EP SLIMEAGEDDON. The EP hit streaming services last week and really took off, but we could always use more bass. Today, Snails released volume 6 of his Snailed It! mix series in celebration of the killer EP. This mix goes so hard, that I really can't see how Snails keeps doing it, but he does.

The mix features 35 bass-heavy songs, 17 of which are unreleased tracks from big and buzzing artists. We won't know the ID of these tracks for a while for Snails is keeping them all under wraps.

This mix has me losing my mind in my room right now and makes me want to see Snails again. Snails truly brings something new to the dubstep community and I can't get enough.

Listen to Snailed It! Vol. 6 SLIMEAGEDDON Edition here: