The Chainsmokers has once again surprised fans by adding a new track to their episodic album release, Sick Boy. The duo's latest single, ‘Hope' is a collaboration with the vocalist Winona Oak.

‘Hope' continues the trend of releasing alternative dance music which The Chainsmokers have continued to champion throughout the entire year. While they have had mixed success with this risky approach, the guys have continued to prove that they have nothing to lose when it comes to experimenting with new sounds.

The Chainsmokers – ‘Hope'

‘Hope' is clearly meant to showcase vocals by Winona Oak. The poignant lyrics and overall melancholy vibe of the tune send a clear message. ‘Hope', just as many of The Chainsmokers' releases in 2018 carries a weight to it, that comes from personal experience.

The alternative approach to this track helps showcase how electronic music can be produced in a subtle manner which makes it accessible to new audiences. Just as Kygo found enormous success by making a new and different sound that didn't rely on intensity – The Chainsmokers have found a way to incorporate electronic production into different genres of music.

Overall, ‘Hope' is a great track. Take a listen below.

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