We are in the home stretch now everyone. Only two short weeks remain until 2018 is completely wrapped up. That means that artists are working overtime to push out releases before starting the year fresh in January. Martin Garrix has been, once again, one of the most active producers in all of dance music.

The world's #1 DJ has released countless singles as well as a full EP in 2018. He has toured all over the world, and once again made a strong statement, that says “I am here to stay” loud and clear. Today, Martin has released his highly anticipated collaboration with Julian Jordan, ‘Glitch'.

Martin Garrix & Julian Jordan – ‘Glitch'

‘Glitch' is a catchy electro house tune that serves as the perfect endpoint for impressive years for both Garrix and Jordan. Will this song be a show stopper or even remembered into festival season? Most likely not, but at the end of the day it is absolutely the kind of quality production we expect from both Martin and Julian alike.

Take a listen to ‘Glitch' below.