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This Dubstep DJ Ripped Into Bass Music Fans For Not Appreciating House Music

MUST DIE! is one of the true heroes of bass music in the current day and age. The producer's electrifying take on sound design and forward-thinking arrangements have helped him become a powerhouse in the world of dubstep. That being said, this weekend, MUST DIE! found himself being hallowed as a champion of house music.

You might ask how exactly that happened. Considering not too many artists are able to transcend the (at times) combative fan basses of bass and house music. For whatever reason, dubstep fans tend to look down upon house fans and vice versa. It is a bit silly, but at the same time when you find your way into the world of dance music through a particular channel, it can be tricky to flip the script and once again open your mind.

It seems that during MUST DIE!'s show, a house DJ opened for him and his fans did not take kindly to the warm-up set. MUST DIE! was having none of the hate and took to Twitter to remind people where all electronic music started. In the hilarious takedown, MUST DIE! reiterates that loving one genre does not mean you can't appreciate another. Check out the whole thread below.

Just gonna leave this here. from r/EDM


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