If you haven't heard that Skrillex is teasing a new album then you are without a doubt living under a pretty sizable rock. Skrillex has started to once again release tracks under his own name after producing tunes for other artists for the past two years.

So far this year we have heard his collaboration with JOYRYDE ‘AGAIN WIDA', as well as his remix of Travis Scott's ‘Sicko Mode'. Both tracks were astoundingly well received among fans. While Skrillex's ‘Sicko Mode' remix did catch a bit of flack for being cookie cutter, many were quite happy to just have the man once again releasing his own music.

Skrillex Updates Website

Yesterday, fans noticed that Skrillex's website was undergoing some changes. Specifically, the site was replaced with a purple background with his bold red logo in the center.

As most fans are aware of – when digital changes occur, Reddit detectives get started. Not only did the guys on /r/Skrillex find a countdown clock which has since been removed, but also Skrillex's Shopify login page. The question that remains is whether this site update is for Skrillex's new album, or if it just signals a new merch release just before the holidays.

Only time will tell folks…

Skrillex countdown

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