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EDMSauce Exclusive Interview with Talented Trance DJ Spectre

EDMSauce recently had the pleasure of interviewing, North Carolina based DJ Kyle Field better known by his stage name, Spectre. Serving up an eclectic and refreshing mix of house & trance music, Spectre is on the rise in the trance scene! Recently, performing alongside of Armin van Burren, Markus Schulz, Paul Oakenfold, and Gabriel & Dresden – Spectre is onto big things and there seems to be no slowly down for this DJ!

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EDMSauce: How did you start in the EDM scene?

Music has been in my life since I was a child. My parents always played music in the house and I played saxophone in the school band. I didn't get into DJ'ing until after getting out of the Air Force. I was living in Kansas City, MO. I was open-format then and eventually got into DJ'ing weddings. When I moved to Charlotte I started working my way into the open-format bar DJ'ing here. Eventually I was introduced to house music at a place called Kazba. I had never really been to an all-house music club before that and I immediately fell in love. I began to take fewer and fewer open-format gigs as I began to focus on electronic music. My first time DJ'ing under the name Spectre was 5 years ago and I haven't looked back since.

EDMSauce: Spectre is a unique name! Can you tell us how and why you chose this name in particular?

Well, I was originally DJ'ing under the name DJ Encino since Kansas City but when I transitioned away from open-format I wanted a new name to represent my rebirth into electronic music. I've always had a weird curiosity about ghosts, and I love the James Bond movies, so Spectre just kind of fit.

EDMSauce:You mainly produce and play trance/house – do you plan or are you open to exploring other “sub genres” in the future?

As for exploring things outside of trance and house, I have only one rule when it comes to the type of music I play: I have to enjoy it personally. Having said that, trance and house are my top two favorite sub-genres of electronic music. I do enjoy tracks that fall outside of those “boxes” but it's usually on a track-by-track basis.

EDMSauce: Do you have any new music coming out that you can tell us about?

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I'm currently working with a good friend of mine learning the ins and outs of production and I find that already knowing how to DJ definitely helps with making songs but there are so many things that are different!! Any other creative-type person will attest to being their own worst critic and I fall into that category for sure. When I'm ready to release something to the world, you can bet it will be something I'm proud of, that's for sure!

EDMSauce: Who are some of your musical influences or musicians you look up to/motivate you to continue producing and Djing?

Of course my first answer to that question is always Armin van Buuren. He has been my favorite artist since the first time I heard one of his songs. I remember going and listening to every song of his that was on Spotify. Sidebar – Getting chosen to open for him a year ago was an honor and an experience that I will not soon forget and is a story in and of itself.Some other artists who inspire me are Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ferry Corsten, Otis Redding, Kaskade, and of course Markus Schulz.

EDMSauce: This past weekend (Saturday, Dec. 1st) you opened for Markus Schulz at World in Charlotte, North Carolina, can you tell us what that was like?

It was awesome, actually! Knowing his style, I went in a slightly different direction and played mainly house and tech with a little bit of progressive trance for my opening set. That way folks got something other than trance all night long. Also, before this show I played my first-ever all-vinyl set at a local/regional trance show my friend and I started called Queen City Trance. Learning to mix with actual records has been a humbling experience for sure. I've gained an even deeper respect for those DJ's who can reliably do it with perfection.

EDMSauce: And last but not least, who are some musicians and producers that you would love to produce a song with?

Out of the people I know I’d love to produce a song with my good friend George Mack and also I like the stuff that Kenneth “Xxcess” Cullens produces. As for fantasy collaborations, Armin of course. I also love what Spencer Brown and Grum have been putting out!

Please take a second to check out North Carolina based DJ/Producer Spectre's Soundcloud and Mixcloud page filled with bangin' music! And make sure to follow him on his Official Facebook page!

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