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Electric Forest 2018 Line Up
Electric Forest 2018 Line Up

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Electric Forest Offers New Level Of Affordable Eco-Camping Taking Inspiration From European Festivals

In 2019, Electric Forest Music Festival is focusing very heavily on being eco-friendly. While the festival has championed the cause for the past several years, it has seriously ramped things up for 2019. The festival has made the decision to reduce down to only 1 weekend instead of taking place across two.

This decision has across the board been met with widespread approval. Besides being relatively unsustainable, the two weekends would end up being unbalanced, and the grounds of the festival on weekend two were always wrecked after weekend one.

Electric Forest Offers Eco Friendly Camping

The festival has offered attendees the option to buy an eco-friendly camping option, in the form of an industrial/wood-fiber cardboard tent. The package comes with, the already set up structure, a mattress pad, sleeping bags, pillows, and supplies to decorate your new home for the weekend. Overall it is a $200 add-on.

The site assures that the new eco-friendly tent can hold up in weather conditions, and European festivals have already demonstrated this kind of tenting can survive heavy rains. Europe has been using industrial cardboard tenting for years, and there are never any complaints of these structures breaking down in the rain. Just take a look at Wacken Open Air. That being said if you are terribly worried about rain penetrating industrial level, wood fiber cardboard (you're obviously confused that this isn't a cardboard box), you can always throw a tarp over it.

The $200 price point includes a decent amount but might be most enticing for individuals who are flying to Electric Forest. Packing up a tent, sleeping bags, mattress pads, and more before taking a flight is near impossible. Therefore having the option of an eco-friendly structure with all the amenities you could need waiting for you upon arrival does make sense.

While Electric Forest is getting a bit of pushback for working to offer eco-friendly options this year with ideas that seem foreign to Americans, we applaud the event for taking steps that will help with their environmental impact over the coming years.

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