Alesso has had quite the year. Even as 2018 begins to close, the Swedish mastermind is continuing to push the limits on his productions. After singles with crossover vibes and surprising collaborators, Alesso's latest release returns firmly to the EDM paradigm. That being said, what it sounds like is truly unexpected.

Alesso – ‘Tilted Towers'

The record is called ‘Tilted Towers' and is as far from Alesso's progressive, big room style as can be. ‘Tilted Towers' is a four-minute wild ride of driving beats. The tune is reminiscent of the hot sounds of the late 2000s and early 2010s.

At points in the song, it could easily pass for 4×4=12 era Deadmau5 track. Needless to say, Alesso has once again really struck gold on a record. ‘Tilted Towers' is unexpected, and satisfyingly energetic. This one will no doubt keep New Year's Eve celebrators dancing in the early morning (and 2019). Check it out below.

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