Anjunabeats has made a whirlwind of a comeback in 2018. After being one of the most impressive labels for over a decade, the London-based imprint suffered from a case of complacency. That being said, over the final months of 2018, A&B's label has recruited new and former talents to once again pull the label up to the highest regards.

In their latest releases, the Anjuna label bosses team up Spencer Brown to create a track that will give you goosebumps and move you emotionally.

Above & Beyond and Spence Brown – ‘Long Way From Home'

The tune starts off with a basic click track, and quite quickly new elements get layered on. The song does the signature Anjunabeats melodic break, and when the energy returns ‘Long Way From Home' finishes in spectacular fashion.

This is just beautiful music. Beautiful production, beautiful melodies, and a perfect balance. Check out the new single below, and get ready to get all in your inspired feels once the tune wraps up.