It is no secret that I absolutely adore Odesza, and the featured video in this article it the perfect explanation as to why. Odesza have helped push the dance music industry farther with their bold productions and meticulous attention to detail. Their 2017 album, A Moment Apart was nominated for a Grammy to only be beaten out by a Kraftwerk anthology album.

Today, Odesza released a teaser video for the upcoming release of the Deluxe edition of A Moment Apart. The guys have previous released deluxe album editions which included everything from live tracks to instrumentals, and even completely new music.

Odesza – ‘It's Only' (VIP Remix)

In addition to the teaser video, Odesza has just debuted a VIP remix of one of the unsung heroes form their 2014 album, In Return. The VIP is for ‘It's Only' and turns the once upbeat and airy track into a darker driver tour de force.

This remix, in addition to the new IDs the guys have been playing live, demonstrate that the duo is heading towards releasing music which is more ominous and intense that their usual euphoric, upbeat productions.

A Moment Apart Teaser Video

This teaser video is easily one of the most gorgeous things to be released in 2018. Odesza are artists across the board, not just musicians. This video is shot so brilliantly it will absolutely give you goosebumps whether you are a die-hard fan or just discover this iconic duo.

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