Whats going on dance music fans? We hope you had an awesome holiday week; we sure did curating new music! This article is a special article. We always love covering new up and coming artists, but when we get to see them develop and excel in their careers from day one, it really hits us hard! We remember covering Haus of Panda years ago when he was only a few SC followers strong, now, we are happy to announce his signing to Brooklyn Fire Records, Tommy Sunshines hard hitting label. His newest record, Go Hard, is a super-high BPM track that features tuned kicks, 8 bit sounds, bass lines, and an overall club banger mentality. The track goes through various changes that go from high BPM 4 to floor drops, to trap patterned drops, back to super ambient and wide breakdowns. We were super impressed with this record as it shows the progression of a great artist. We cannot wait to see where Haus of Panda goes! Let us know what you think of the track below!