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Lua. Brings Mellow Jazz to Electronic Music with Debut EP Blossom

It’s hard to believe how far electronic music has and hasn’t grown in the last decade as its blast into the mainstream circa 2012. Much of the industry is full of the most captivating artists who are pushing the absolute limits of what sound can do, and others try and keep pace as they follow in the paths left behind by the innovators. Enter 2018, and while I have my grievances with what has come of dance music culture as of late, surely there is always a bright and gleaming light to look forward to. This time however, that light might shine a little backwards as Lua. makes his debut appearance on the tech valley indie label ABOVE THE SURFACE. the Blossom EP is as much a sound design marvel as it is a beautiful piece of classically written music.

Blossom is comprised of three tracks, all of which feel like an individual story belonging to the same collection. The focus isn’t on how big the drop is, or how much distortion he can fit onto his sub, but rather a feeling. A place in time. A state of being. It’s songs like these, mellow, slightly melancholy in choice of instrumentation, but uplifting in melodic element that gives me a sweet taste of nostalgia, serenity, and maybe even a little peace of mind. 2018 has been a historic year for tragedy, and as human kind continues to churn its wheels, looking for the answers to the problems we create for ourselves, one thing that will always be for certain is we can rely on artists like Lua. to remind us every once and awhile that everything is going to be okay. Sitting back and taking it all in every now and again won’t kill you. For a debut EP, i can sure say it’s quite the way to make a start. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes to follow. Check out Lua. on soundcloud below:

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