If 2018 could be summed up in one word for The Chainsmokers it would most likely be “variety”. The duo who celebrated massive success over the last two years has returned to a steady schedule of releases which fall under almost every genre imaginable. Alex and Drew returned to true EDM in some releases, explored bass music with others, and of course, took massive risks all along the way.

In their latest single, the guys have once again worked to incorporate surprising elements into their arrangements. The new record is called ‘Beach House' and while it does technically fall under the umbrella of electronic music, to define it only as that would be doing a disservice to this track.

The Chainsmokers – ‘Beach House'

This song incorporates a little bit of everything from The Chainsmokers. ‘Beach House' is vocally driven, and includes melancholy lyrics with an overall alternative vibe. The electronic elements are accessible and inviting for those who have not yet strayed far into the world of dance while remaining true to the genre.

Overall, ‘Beach House' is different. I initially didn't like the track, but after a few listens I truly started to appreciate it. The Chainsmokers are on a true creative streak right now, and I personally find their new take on EDM kind of exciting. Check out ‘Beach House' below.

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