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Best of 2018

Dirty South Delivers One Of 2018’s Finest Albums With The Ethereal And Mysterious – ‘darko’

Most are familiar with Dirty South from his iconic soaring progressive house melodies. Millions credit his iconic track ‘City of Dreams' as the song which got them into dance music. Today, Dirty South has released an eight-track album which explores a different side of dance music. One that rarely gets the attention that it deserves. The album is called darko and it is an outside of the box sonic story that each listener will take away something different from after hearing it.

This album explores a side of progressive house which many have come to forget. The genre has recently become known for its upbeat, soaring melodies and euphoric emotions. Still, a more pensive side exists, a side in which a track progresses and tells a story. Each tune is a chapter and with each measure that goes by new twists and turns emerge.

Overall darko is a magus opus of sorts for modern day house music. The instrumentation was crafted meticulously, each note seems purposefully tweaked to specific standards to create a feeling of intrigue. darko is pure daydream fuel, it is easy to be captivated and transported away to a place that only exists inside one's mind.

While this might not be what many expected from Dirty South, it is arguably some of his best work ever. I suggest taking a listen to darko when you have the opportunity to absorb it all in one sitting. Listen from the opening notes of ‘Temps' to the finishing lines of ‘Corda'. I can safely say you will not regret it.


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