Over the last few weeks, California has been ravaged by wildfires. These fires have stemmed from an unbelievably dry year for America's left coast. Thousands have lost their homes, even more, have been (at least) temporarily displaced. It is truly a crisis like the country has never seen. While many individuals have tried to help out in various ways, The Glitch Mob have stepped up in the world of dance music with a fundraiser for wildfire victims.

On the group's Bandcamp, they added an option to any specific album. The option is a one time cost of $20 to buy their discography, and all proceeds go to wildfire victims. It is a small price to pay to help out an area of the country that desperately needs it at the moment. Plus, you get several full albums of Glitch Mob music as a reward. You can't really beat that…

Find the link to TGM's Bandcamp below.

The Glitch Mob's Entire HQ catalog is on sale for $20 – All Proceeds go to California Wildfire Victims from r/theglitchmob

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