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The Chainsmokers Reveal Their Top 5 EDM Tracks Of All Time, And They’re Pretty Spot On

A few weeks back a thread emerged on /r/EDM discussing the best dance music songs of all time. The thread was a pretty enjoyable walk down memory lane and classics from all genres were discussed. One genre took the top spot in terms of votes for the best EDM songs of all time – progressive house.

I feel that many dance music fans yearn for the early 2010's when progressive house was at its peak in terms of originality and emotion. It is also when many users noted they got into EDM, so there might be a small correlation for why the genre got top priority.

As they sometimes do, The Chainsmokers popped into the thread to add their two cents in terms of what their favorite EDM songs of all time are, and we have to say it is a pretty solid list. While of course, some people will find issue with the fact they didn't include so mid-1990's trance classics or the sorts, The Chainsmokers list most likely includes at least one of your selections as well. Check it out below.

The Chainsmokers’ top 5 EDM songs of all time from r/EDM


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