Deathpact has been one of the most exciting aspects in all of dance music in 2018. The masked producer has broken onto the scene with a series of dark, twisted and powerful bass house and distorted tech-house. In their latest release, Deathpact has remixed Odesza's powerhouse new record, ‘Loyal'.

The remix is everything that one might expect from Deathpact based on their previous releases. They have kept the powerful, booming aspects of ‘Loyal' and woven in their signature style of distorted, driving bass elements. Overall this is a fantastic remix which we could see Odesza playing out live to a stunned crowd.

The question still remains though, who is Deathpact? Could this remix shed a bit of light on the project? Follow me down the rabbit hole here full of circumstantial at best evidence.

Who Is Deathpact?

Deathpact popped onto the scene with a few high profile collaborations. This in a way, points to the idea that Deathpact is the moniker of an already existing artist. While that is definitely a jump in logic, let's roll with it for a moment.

Deathpact's cover art features a masked individual. A visor or sorts that immediately reminds of another artist, from the land down under. Of course, I am talking about Golden Features.

Who does Golden Features regularly work with and whose label does he release his music off of? That's right – Odesza. Is Deathpact actually an alias of Golden Features? Well, probably not, but the similarities here are noticeable for sure. Check out Deathpact's remix of ‘Loyal' below.

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