For as long as we can remember, it seems, our favorite Brit, Calvin Harris has been at the forefront of the Electronic Music scene. Moving seamlessly across genres, we have seen experimental sounds from Calvin that have continued to dominate soundwaves and top music charts across the globe. His recent works with Sam Smith, Dua Lipa and Benny Blanco have proven to exemplify more of a house feel with some of the world's most renowned names. With people possessing different thoughts on the current state of EDM, Calvin Harris took to his Twitter mentiones to let us know his thoughts.

Calvin Harris EDM

In the minds of many, Calvin really hits the nail on the head here. The downtempo EDM that has been taking the world by storm has, in a sense, created a sense of the same sound being repeated over and over again. Pushing for a pop feel with slower drops and more downtempo feel. The years 2010-2014, which Calvin mentions, were years in which we were brought some of the most timeless tracks in Electronic Music History and is viewed at the birth point of EDM. In the current state, we are happy to see Calvin doing what he loves and delivering a different sound outside of what we now know as “the norm”. Also, great to see Calvin interracting on Twitter. Love hearing the point of view of a World Class music mind like his.