Martin Garrix's latest release, ‘Dreamer', a collaboration with the viral sensation, and AGT semi-finalist Mike Yung has been getting some serious international attention. The powerful and inspiring vocals matched with the catchy and clean melody make ‘Dreamer' an instant hit of sorts.

Mike Yung's incredible story of busking for over 40 years in New York City has also played a part in this beautiful tune gaining so much attention outside the world of EDM. Despite becoming a sensation on America's Got Talent, Mike Yung has struggled to make ends meet since his appearance on the show. In a lengthy Facebook post, Mike explained how much Garrix giving him a shot to be featured on one of his songs has helped him, both financially and mentally.

This past week the duo took to Good Morning America to perform their new single, and it was a truly captivating and beautiful rendition of the song. Martin Garrix plays the acoustic guitar while Mike belts out his superb vocals. Take a listen below.