Steve Aoki has done it once again. The artist has been working tirelessly over the last several years to thoroughly push EDM past its accepted boundaries, and in most cases, he has succeeded at creating something truly special. Whether Steve has worked in the world of KPOP or in the world of Rap, he has injected new energy into the world of dance music.

In Steve's latest album, Neon Future III, he has collaborations with Blink 182, Lady Antebellum, Lil Yachty, and of course dance music peers like Don Diablo.

One name that might really leave you surprised his Bill Nye. Yes, that Bill Nye, you know, the science guy. We'll leave that track as a surprise. Overall, Neon Future II is daring and exciting. Some of these tunes remind me of the energy of Avicii debuting ‘Wake Me Up' at Ultra many years ago. While some songs are more successful than others, overall this is the kind of experimentation our genre needs to continue to stay relevant and excited.

Stay tuned for our full review of the album this weekend, and for now take a listen below.

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