I had to sit down and process how perfect this song was before starting to write about it. I will admit a bit of bias considering that both Arty and Audien's early releases off of Anjunabeats nearly a decade ago were some of my earliest loves in dance music. That being said, biased or not, the latest collaboration between the two, which marks their return to Above & Beyond's imprint, will leave you speechless.

Arty & Audien – ‘Never Letting Go'

While both artists have worked outside the world of progressive house for here and there, both Arty and Audien got their starts in the world of euphoric, light as air records. In their latest release, the duo has achieved what might be the finest progressive house tune released not only this year but in recent memory.

‘Never Letting Go' is a true pinnacle of everything that is right in the world of dance music. The steady driving beat of the track introduces a subtle and infectious melody that takes shape over the first half of the track. The drops into the signature Anjunabeats melodic break with ethereal, otherworldly vocals before ramping up the tension again. The final half of the track is the kind of melody that is only found in dreams.

‘Never Letting Go' is what artists should be aspiring to make in this day and age of dance music. In an industry which sometimes struggles with creating unique melodies – Arty and Audien prove they are still on top when it comes to crafting memorable productions. Take a listen below

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