Katie Kramarczuk, better known as Hydrah, is a multi-talented producer, composer, and singer hailing from Minnesota. After releasing “Return”, Hydrah is back with her brand new single titled, “Complete” off of her much-anticipated EP “Nostos” out on November 30th.
Hydrah's “Complete” embraces a melodic, downtempo tone with Hydrah's background as a classically trained pianist, violist and cellist highlighted very well on this track with delicate piano and violin chords found throughout. “Complete” is an emotive track filled with raw electronica beats, a catchy and easy melody, and sweet soulful vocals. It is easy to see that Hydrah has put her heart into this track.

Outside of the music scene, Hydrah is also a nature conservationist and her music is often inspired and influenced by nature itself. According to Hydrah, “Complete” is a tribute to the community and environments that raise us and are continually crafting our reality. Hydrah explores the organic emotion of discovering one’s place in the world and a reconciliation with our soul’s true nature. Take a moment to listen to Hydrah's beautiful new single down below on Spotify and be sure to connect with her on Facebook and Instagram

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