Even the most casual of dance music fans are familiar with the legendary producer Darude. Earlier this year, Darude released a collaboration with Ashley Wallbridge called ‘Surrender'. The track was a euphoric trance cut that we could not get enough of here at EDM Sauce. It was a brilliant return to the scene from an artist who has helped shape the landscape of dance music for over two decades. Now Darude has dropped his second single of 2018.

Darude – ‘Timeless'

Darude's new record is named ‘Timeless' and the name is more than appropriate as this tune transcends eras. Just like ‘Surrender', ‘Timeless' is a beautiful vocal progressive trance track. It is euphoric in nature with sky-high builds and captivating melodic breaks. JVMIE lends vocals to the track that help gives ‘Timeless' a subtle elegance.

In short, the track is a throwback to the golden era of trance, with a breath of fresh production styles peppered throughout. Darude has once again struck gold. This track checks all the boxes of a true masterpiece while continuing to push the expectations set on Darude as a producer.

While it was not necessarily unexpected considering Darude's previous work in 2018, ‘Timeless' stands as the perfect example as to why this icon of EDM needs to remain firmly in the conversation of the best active producers in the industry. Check out ‘Timeless' below.

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