Up and coming Australia based artist Akurei has recently dropped his debut EP August and it's a four song multi-genre project that bounces back and forth between R&b, hip-hop, and electronic music. The title track “August” is a collaboration with fellow Aussie Golden Vessel and in my opinion the standout track. Also really into the opener, “11th Avenue” featuring Tides. All in all though, this one is well worth the listen, so give August a listen below now and check out a quote from Akurei under that!

“It’s been quite a journey getting here. It’s a little cliché and definitely a sentiment held by most artists , but this EP is truly a diary of sorts about the last year of my life.. I’ve never known how to talk about it as an artist, but I wrote these songs on a journey through a year or so of pretty debilitating anxiety. I guess these songs feel special to me because they reflect that strange period of my life and recovering from it . And in the process, I learned to trust myself and back myself as an artist. ” – Akurei