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The Glitch Mob Brooklyn Steel Takeover [Show Review + Exclusive Interview]

About a week ago on a beautiful fall Saturday night in Brooklyn, NY, I along with many other fans were able to see The Glitch Mob legends in action. The show took place at Brooklyn Steel and what a spectacle it was.

The group did not disappoint coming in full throttle with everything that we have come to love from them. The music obviously was top notch and that combined with their entire live set up made everything that much better. It was a night to remember for any fan of The Glitch Mob and there is no question they put on a memorable show that is clearly representative of all their hard work and talent.

The venue itself played off the group well, and there were a plethora of people in attendance. Each one of them vibing out and dancing to a high impact, high energy performance. The sound coming from the speakers matched the visual aspect of the show so well and what followed were fluid moments in time that brought everyone's attention supremely fixed on the 3 very talented artists on stage.

What was also great about the show was not only the headliners themselves but the opener Elohim. She really amped up the crowd just the right amount and put on a show that is absolutely worthy of being compared to The Glitch Mob themselves. She brought her vibey new electronic wave to the venue and made everyone crave more. All in all, the event was done in such a way that only The Glitch Mob can seem to be capable of curating. They provided everyone with a whole new blend of beautiful electronic sound and put on a truly captivating performance.

Besides attending the show, I was also able to get an interview with the group! Check it out and enjoy!!

So How's everything going with you guys? You been enjoying the tour?

“Touring is one of the most fun, exciting, exhausting, and inspiring things you can do as an artist. It covers the full range of life experience!”

What has been your favorite city to play at thus far?

“It's impossible to choose a favorite; each show has its own special vibe. There's nothing like playing at home though. The Palladium show in LA was a blast! It was really nice to have so many friends and family attend.”

Which city are you most excited to play in?

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“We're headed to Seoul, Korea to play this week for the League of Legends World Championships. That should be a blast because it'll also be our first time visiting Seoul.”

Tell us more about how your live show works? Production wise, how much goes into it? What instruments are you working with?

“The show changes depending on where we are playing. We have a live production stage called ‘The Blade' – which we built with DELL & Alienware – wo that we take to certain shows when possible. You can check out a Documentary about it on our YouTube!”

Explain the meaning behind your album ‘See Without Eyes'. What kind of story were you trying to portray when making it? How do you feel about the reaction that it's been getting?

“We think of it as the music making us, not us making the music. That's the story we wanted to tell with this album – it is beyond our senses.”

We all know how busy you've been this year, but do you have any exciting plans for the future? Or more specifically in 2019?

“Oh yes, we have some really fun stuff happening in 2019! More new music and definitely more shows.”

What are your thoughts on the electronic/dance music scene right now?

“At our shows we aim to provide our fans with a place of love and acceptance. Music is powerful in that it can connect people from all different walks of life.”

Who would you most like to work with today?

“Aphex Twin.”

Final question, what inspires you the most? What is the fuel behind your creativity and art?

“Music is a connective force that is greater than all of us and we're extremely grateful to be part of the journey. Music saves lives!”

If you haven't done so already make sure to check out The Glitch Mob's new album ‘See Without Eyes', it is truly a great musical compilation from a group that has been in the game for awhile. What a pleasure it was to get an interview from a band that I have looked up to for a long time now! They also just recently released the deluxe version of their album so make sure to take a listen to that below!!!

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