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Patrick Grant release EDM Trance album, “FIELDS AMAZE and other sTRANGE music”

We want to let you really dig into this one and truly tell us how you feel about this album. We've come at a crossroads but we really thing there may be something interesting here. For the record, it's a big deal to be able to get the help from Philip Glass. Yes, that Philip Glass who owns one of the most famous studios in the music industry.

Coming straight out of the historic Looking Glass Studios owned by Philip Glass, we’re excited to bringing you an album  that yells oddity and strange, but very intriguing. We have Patrick Grant giving us the 20th anniversary edition of FIELDS AMAZE and other sTRANGE music, which is remixed, reimagined, and remastered to fit with music now. Is that a good or bad thing? Let’s find out.


The music is created for percussion, gamelan, microtonal instruments, and electric chamber ensembles with narrative structures informed by chaos theory, biological forms, and B-horror films. Yes, really. Try to grasp that sentence you just read. To many listeners with no formal training, we read this and we think, I’m completely lost. Well, all you need to know is what it means for the album.


This completely remastered album has a distinct sound that is quite unique yet familiar in a way. The energy behind the rock, as well as the melody, it’s absolutely the right sound for his genre. The music has a full-powered momentum train that crosses rhythms and harmonies to create tunes that are unforgettable.


We want to make sure you’re absolutely committed to listening to something strange, but amazing. Give Patrick Grant a listen and we’ll know that FIELDS AMAZE and other sTRANGE music will invade your playlists.


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