Snails has been on quite the rise and isn't stopping anytime soon. Snails is currently killing it with his “Shell” tour, bringing his audiences killer visuals that portray a story we might be seeing in comic book form. While we are waiting for that, Snails has teamed up with Boogie T and has delivered a new track “Redline” on Slugz music.

The two DJ's do tend to have very different sounds, making this collaboration an unexpected and explosive one. The track combines the electric guitar along with the DJ's bouncy, wobbly sounds. The track features Boogie T's own vocals with a reggae vibe throughout the song.

This track is a little tame for Snails, but the artists claimed “vomitstep” is still present.

With all the Snails is doing, he is definitely on the rise. With an almost constant release of collaborations, remixes, new music, touring and apparently a comic book on the way, what can't Snails do?

Listen to “Redline” here:

What do you think of the track?