It is officially almost Halloween now. That means the mixtapes are flowing from the world of bass. While the world still awaits RL Grime's annual mixtape, REZZ has gifted her fans a massive spooky season gift in the form of a new mixtape.

Nightmare on Rezz Street

The mixtape is known as Nightmare on Rezz Street. It is a 32-minute mix featuring ONLY unreleased music from REZZ. The mixtape is absolutely wild as one might expect. REZZ has once again demonstrated that her production ability is at the top of the world of bass music.

The sheer volume of music she is sitting on at any given time rivals any other artist producing at the moment. The mix on YouTube is specifically special because it features visuals from several visual artists.

REZZ has always championed creatives in all forms of the arts, and her use of visuals in this mix adds to the overall spooky atmosphere she worked to curate. Check out the full mixtape below, and remember there is no tracklist – as it literally ONLY IDs.

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