Last week, DJ Mag released their results of the annual Top 100 DJ poll. Naturally, many people were pretty upset with the findings. Yesterday, we released our list of the top 20 DJ's in the world based on metrics we measured. Of course, people were also incredibly upset as mainstream artists again topped our findings, for an obvious reason – more people listen to their music.

Today thought the EDM subreddit released the findings for their annual Top 100 DJ Poll and overall many people are a bit happier with the findings, as it gave less mainstream artists a chance to top the poll.

Reddit Top 100 DJs

Reddit saw over 1700 votes cast for over 750 different artists. They allowed each Redditor to submit 5 artists to be considered for the list. Based on the position artists were featured on poller's lists, the received a certain number of points. Interestingly enough, Martin Garrix topped the Reddit list for the 2nd year running.

Reddit also saw artists such as Odesza in the top 10, as well as cult favorites like Rezz and Bassnectar crack the top 20. Check out the full list below.

Top 100 DJs 2018 – Reddit Results from r/EDM